About Us

My name is Philip Bordelon. I started losing my hair in 2009 and I wasn't sure what to do. My hair has always been thin, but it began to get thinner and thinner in areas, and I didn't know how bad it would get. I went to doctors who recommended I use medical creams, take pills, or have transplant surgery, but I felt there may be another solution. I spent months researching my condition on the web, and most of what I found was biased towards medication or expensive medical procedures. I read books on hair loss, frequented internet forums, and over time I realized what I was going through was completely normal. Most men lose some of their hair.

I decided to make this website based on the solutions I found...non-medical solutions to keep my hair growing as fast and strong as possible. There really are natural, proven ways to keep your hair growing nicely. In the end, I decided not to undergo treatment and I'm very happy with that decision. However, on this site I'm still providing you with all of the options, because you may choose to go a different route.

I hope you find a solution to your hair growth issues that you're happy with. Remember, hair loss is natural and it's nothing to be ashamed of!