Top 7 Hair Growth Myths

1. A pill will make your hair grow faster.

There are pills you can take and medications you can rub on your head to help prevent hair loss and even re-grow hair in places you've already lost it. But these medications do not work on everyone, take a long time to work when they do, and generally do not re-grow all of the hair you've lost. If medication does work, it usually only slows hair loss rather than making your hair grow faster.

2. Shaving your head will cause more hair to grow back, and faster.

This is probably the most common hair growth myth of all. Many people think that shaving hair will cause it to grow back not only faster, but also thicker. This is untrue, and will only lead you to lose your hair faster!

3. Steroid use will increase your hair growth.

Steroids and HGH (human growth hormone) may help you to grow hair on other parts of your body, but it will in fact decrease the amount of hair on your head. If you want to grow more hair, steroids and testosterone are your enemy.

4. Wearing a tight hat will make your hair grow faster.

Although wearing a hat to prevent damage from strong, continuous sun exposure can help to maintain the health of your hair, it has nothing to do with how tight the hat is, or with wearing a hat itself. Hats will cause your hair to grow faster.

5. Pulling your hair or frequently combing it will make it grow faster.

Some charlatans have sold hair growth products that put uniform pressure on your hair by using a vacuum like contraption, claiming the contestant pressure will help your hair to come out faster. This is not only untrue, but also bad for your hair. Do not attempt to use a vacuum or similar tool on your head. Frequently combing your hair also will not cause it to grow faster.

6. Magnets increase hair growth.

Hats with magnets sewn into them have been sold as hair growth treatments for decades. They don't work. Magnets will not increase the growth of your hair, as magnetic fields have nothing to do with the production of new hair cells.

7. Squid ink causes hair to grow faster.

This is one of the strangest claims we've seen regarding hair growth, likely coming from the black color of squid ink. No studies have shown squid ink to help hair grow faster.

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