Top 8 Hair Loss Myths

Myth #1: Hair loss makes you look ugly.

Fact: Most men will develop male pattern baldness, and many of the most commonly considered attractive celebrities are balding or have no hair at all. Some of the most well known athletes are also either balding or have shaved their heads entirely.

Myth #2: Hair loss comes only from your father's side of the family.

Fact: Baldness does not come only from your father's side, as is commonly believed. The gene for baldness is dominant, so you only need to get it from one side to develop hair loss, but it can come from either your mother or father's side of the family. For men, having a father or grandfather on either side with balding patterns means you're likely to develop the same patterns. For women, thinning or balding hair is most likely to come from your mother or grandmother on either side.

Myth #3: If your hair is falling out you're going bald.

Fact: Every day, hair will fall out naturally. This is not an indication that you're going bald. There are three stages to hair growth, and in the final stage your hair falls out to make way for new hair to grow. If you see a small amount of hair in your shower or bed, it's not a sign to worry.

Myth #4: Hair chemicals used in dies and perm treatments cannot cause hair loss.

Fact: While proper use of chemicals by experienced professionals is unlikely to cause permanent hair loss, inexperienced use of chemicals can. If chemicals end up damaging your hair follicles you can end up with permanent hair loss or permanently damaged hair.

Myth #5: Increasing blood flow to your head will decrease hair loss.

Fact: Increasing blood flow to your head will not decrease hair loss. Having poor circulation can cause your hair to look less healthy, but if you're already losing hair then doing upside down yoga posses isn't going to help you get it back.

Myth #6: Combing your hair frequently will lead to baldness.

Fact: Combing or brushing your hair will not lead to hair loss unless your hair is so knotted that you're literally damaging the hair follicles each time. You will lose hair when combing or brushing, but this is completely natural and not a sign of balding.

Myth #7: Washing your hair every day causes hair loss.

Fact: Unless your shampoo is so toxic that it's damaging your scalp or hair follicles, excessive shampooing will not cause you to go bald. Frequent shampooing may damage the health of your hair however, by removing the oils that protect your hair from the elements.

Myth #8: Men with less hair get less dates.

Fact: Studies have shown that men with less hair are considered more socially mature and higher up in the social hierarchy. While hair loss prevention and treatment advertisements may claim that less hair equals less attractive, consider the number of highly regarded celebrities and sports stars who are partially or completely bald.