Hair Loss Prevention

The majority of hair loss is genetically determined, and modern medicine and lifestyle choices will at best stall or slow its onset. By understanding some of the non-genetic causes of hair loss you can better avoid them, and medicines like Rogaine and Propecia can be used to further prevent loss. However, you may still end up losing some of your hair. You can choose to live with it as the vast majority of people do, or take more serious steps and pursue hair replacement via a wig, or hair loss treatments such as transplants.

Methods of Prevention

Proper Hair Care

In general, the more chemicals you put in your hair, the less healthy it will be. Hair is naturally coated in oil, and frequent washing will remove this oil and make your hair more susceptible to damage. Roughly combing tangled hair is also a risk, as it can damage your hair follicles. Similarly, when you dry your hair after washing, rather than rubbing your hair forcefully you should pat it with the towel instead. It is also better to blow dry your hair when it's not soaking wet.

Concerning styling, hot rollers can damage your hair due to the direct heat placed on individual hairs, as can long periods of direct exposure to sunlight. You should avoid using metal brushes or combs, avoid combing your hair forcefully, and only cut it with sharp scissors. Perming can seriously damage your hair, as can coloring. You should limit the time perming solutions are left in your hair, and limit the frequency of perming and coloring applications. Both can damage the cuticle and weaken your hair.


Healthy eating and living will help you avoid hair loss. Even if you are predisposed genetically, by giving your body and hair the nutrients it needs, you can at least slow the onset of balding. Your hair needs proteins, good fats, vitamins, and minerals to grow. Eating meat and dairy products makes it easier to maintain healthy hair, although vegetarians can supplement their diets to consume necessary nutrients too. If you're not getting enough protein, supplements have been shown to help some. Although you'll be better off consuming supplements not continent trace steroids from animals. The best rule of thumb is to eat a balanced diet with little to no refined or processed food and limit refined sugar and junk food.

Avoid Increases in Testosterone

One of the primary causes of hair loss on the head is testosterone. Paradoxically, testosterone is also responsible for the growth of hair in other places on the body, which is why you'll often see people with hairy faces and backs but bald heads. Men who take testosterone for muscular development, or those who do strenuous exercise which increases testosterone should be aware that these activities can increase baldness.

Avoid Stress

Stress is another cause of hair loss, although hair loss from stress is likely to reverse when the stress is removed. Meditation and relaxation exercises can help to prevent stress, along with identifying stressful lifestyle factors and removing them.

Don't Smoke

Smoking can increase hair loss by blocking the production of necessary proteins for hair growth. By not smoking and avoiding those who do, you'll likely slow the onset of male pattern baldness.

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